Eating healthy away from home

Eating healthy at work or school can be quite the challenge, it’s so easy to cave and go buy something on your lunch break. By avoiding this your health and wallet will thank you.

For my homemade lunches, I like to make a salad and cut up some fruits and veggies the night before. Another easy way to have a healthy lunch pre-made is to freeze some individual portions of soup, take one out in the morning and at lunch just pop it in the microwave. My personal favorite is minestrone with quinoa added it’s more filling than typical. If I’m crunched for time getting ready for work or school here are a couple of additional snacks I am sure to grab. They’re all made of 5-ingredients or less, minimally processed, delicious and good for you: 

  • A Lara bar, you can get them in bulk at Costco and they’re perfect clean snacks/treats to have on hand. I try to not have too many of them but a couple a week is good.
  • Dehydrated apple chips, they’re so yummy I find that sometimes I’m not even hungry. I just want something to chew on, so these are a perfect pick.
  • Kale chips, they’re a super food, super easy to make and super yummy to eat. 
  • Fresh cut veggies and salsa with some 5-ingredient beet crackers, they also can be purchased at Costco. 
  • Naked smoothies’ mini smoothies they’re perfect for a quick energy booster when you don’t have the time or option to eat. 



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