Basis of Clean Eating

Unintentionally I typically do 16:8 fasting with a 12pm-8pm eating window. Before 12pm I drink lots of water and a coffee or tea. 

  • Avoid mindless eating, to combat this aim to sit down and eat without being distracted. I tend to eat anywhere other than our dining room table or kitchen table to I make an effort to sit down and eat rather than make food and take it back with me to where ever I was in the house.
  • Avoid any product with more than 5 ingredients, especially ones that I can’t pronounce or don’t know.
  • I strongly recommend avoiding protein bars, or powders. If you’re eating a balanced diet there unnecessary for the average person. If I notice I have not rated enough during the day I will eat a Lara bar, they’re low glycemic and calorie dense. 
  • Avoid cream based salad dressings and cheese, I use either plain balsamic vinegar or balsamic dressing and skip cheese on my salads.
  • Avoid meat in large portions, typically I will eat one chicken breast a couple times a week as well as eggs, typically I’ll have 1-2 eggs or servings of egg whites a week.
  • Avoid dairy (only consume as an ingredient in a product, typically just my bread and occasional salad dressing contains it.)
  • Avoid added sugar, watch when adding sugar in tea or coffee. As well watch having large amounts processed fruit when dried fruit doesn’t contain the fibre that fresh fruit does so our bodies cannot process the extra sugar properly. 
  • Avoid fruit juices, diet drinks, energy drinks.
  • Avoid large portions of bread, I freeze it by the loaf and eat about 1 slice whole grain bread every couple days.
  • Avoid processed foods especially over processed foods when possible.