Eating out on a “diet”

Okay I may not be on a real diet, but I do aim to restrict certain unhealthy foods from my day-to-day diet. That being said here is my guide eating out while still eating healthy;

I ALWAYS have soup and salads. Typically I eat 2-3 salads a day and a bowl of (homemade) soup every few days. They’re filling, easily made healthy, not over processed and fresh! They’re my personal recipe to “clean” eating success.

Go for a salad as a starter, meal or side, pick one with an oil based dressing over a dairy dressing. Skip any cheese, or bacon that may be added. Greek salads are a freak option but limit or all together skip the feta.

  • If having a salad alone opt for a salad following the guides above, and add a chicken breast or two.

Go for the soup! You probably skip over the soups when dining out but skip no more. Here is where the filling yet healthy meals hide, have a bowl of broth based soup with a salad.

Drink water! Skip out on an unhealthy beverage and opt for water, with a tea or coffee as well. If the restaurant offers it, I will have a carbonated water or two, this is definitely my new-found love. After cutting out unnecessary sugar I find a lot more healthy things satisfy my cravings instead of sugar filled products. You’ll cut out a lot of unnecessary added sugar and calories from the typical meal.

If you have a say on where you’re going to be eating suggest somewhere you already know you can easily eat at. If you have no say, look up the restaurant’s menu ahead of time and get some ideas of what you can eat this makes eating healthy a lot easier than choosing on the spot.