(Almost) Effortless 30lbs weight loss

I have not exercised, nor followed a restricted diet. Yet I’ve lost about 10lbs a month over the past three months!

How? By eating minimally processed and minimally cooked foods! I’ve learned that by following a (semi-strict) 5-ingredient rule for the products I buy, almost everything I purchase will be minimally processed. Of course you can’t start counting things like tortilla chips or ice cream. Let’s rephrase that to “clean” foods with less than 5 ingredients.

I regret to admit that I work out maybe 3 times on a good week and 0-1 times on a typical week but I am on my feet all day at work and get upwards of 12,000 steps a day doing so. Yet I still lost weight, proving that a good diet and weight loss is even achievable for the lazy, Netflix loving, full time employed, student. Without having to restrict your caloric intake. 

Over those three months I changed a lot about my diet, I’ve learned you can still have truly yummy food and drinks while eating healthy and some easy substitutions.

  • Have honey instead of sugar in your coffee, you’ll end up needing a lot less. And it’s also way healthier for you.
  • You can still have a specialty drink but opt for soy or almond milk and skip the excessive syrups. My go to is a soy or almond milk London Fog with a pump of sugar free vanilla syrup. 
  • You have to let yourself eat bad to maintain a good diet. This may sound counterproductive but by letting your self have the occasional treat day (not to be confused with a cheat day, this isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle), and I’m talking once every couple weeks. You will not feel like your not allowed to have certain foods, which causes you to want them a l o t more. 

Clean eating for the win.

I feel and look amazing thanks to simply cleaning up my diet and subbing healthier but still yummy new options in opposed to my old go to meal and drink options.


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